Update: Mayor endorses Cabaret Law repeal. Call City Council NOW.

Repeal the Cabaret Law

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Did you know social dancing is illegal in NYC?

Sign Let NYC Dance Bill #1652. Repeal the racist 1926 'No Dancing' Cabaret Law. Call me back.


I Stand for Legalizing Dance

    NYC's Cabaret Law
  • Created in 1926 to halt interracial dancing in jazz clubs
  • Giuliani used to shutter gay bars and decimate culture
  • I love to dance and it should not be a crime
  • Fewer than 100 licensed spaces in all five boroughs
  • Arbitrary enforcement creates discrimination today


Your historic pressure pushed New York City Council to introduce the bill to legalize dance. Now we need the majority of City Council to sign on. Call your City Council Member. Calling counts. 212-788-7210

4 more City Council Members are needed to pass the Let NYC Dance Bill.


Do you have friends in neighborhoods that are not green yet on the map? Share and tag your friends. Challenge them to call City Council.


Let NYC Dance Coalition